Are you a property owner who's looking for help managing your rental properties?

At JTS Property Management, we're here for you.

We are a full-service property management company with the experience and passion to help you succeed. Let yourself relax, knowing that your property will be taken care of!

Founded in 2014, JTS Property Management is Northern California's top property management company. We are growing in Idaho as well!

We can help you maximize your income, lower your vacancy costs and take the workload off your hands!

We currently service the areas of Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Granite Bay, and Rocklin. Specializing in single-family homes and small multifamily properties, we know just how to optimize your rental properties for the highest return on investment.

Our team of highly trained professionals can help you with everything you need, including responding to tenants' maintenance requests, collecting rent, marketing your properties, and so much more!


5 Reasons to Work with JTS Property Management

Your JTS Property Management agent will help you capitalize on your vacancies!

When your property sits vacant for too long, it can cost you. A vacant unit will not generate any income for you, yet you will still be responsible for many expenses. That's why at JTS Property Management, we work tirelessly to ensure that when one of your properties is faced with a vacancy, it is filled as quickly as possible!

Our marketing strategies are thorough and efficient.

We start the marketing process with high quality photos of your property. Then, we post your ad to various listing websites so that your property can be seen by future prospective tenants.

With our dedication to effective marketing techniques, your property is guaranteed to attract a wide pool of potential tenants, ensuring that your vacancy will be filled in no time!

2. Never worry about problem tenants.

If you've ever had to deal with irresponsible tenants, then you know that it is never ideal.

A disruptive tenant can cause many problems in your rental property, including damage, late or missed rental payments, and many more unfortunate situations.

Here at JTS Property Management, we offer a meticulous tenant screening process, so you never have to worry about problem tenants!

When we screen our potential tenants, we are sure to check all financial records, employment records and rental history. We want to be sure that any tenant we choose will treat your property with the highest level of care and responsibility, while always abiding by all the terms of the lease agreement.

Our goal is to find you a high-quality tenant and maintain a positive relationship with them. We know that a happy tenant is more likely to stay long term, which will benefit you as the property owner!

With us around, you will always have excellent tenants occupying your rental properties.


3. You can stop wasting your time chasing after rent.

As a property owner, to successfully maximize your income, timely rental payments are imperative. That's why missed or late rent is unacceptable.

At JTS Property Management, we do everything in our power to ensure that you always receive your rental payments on time, every month.

To accomplish this we take several important steps to ensure timely rent payments:

  • We provide a free and secure online payment portal for all residents.
  • Our software gives daily alerts to any balance due.
  • We enroll every resident into our JTS Property Management Resident Benefit Package which incentivizes Residents to pay rent on time via financial rewards and positive credit building each month!


4. Save time and money on maintenance.

Are you overwhelmed with trying to keep up on frequent inspections of your property, small repairs and responding to tenants' maintenance requests? Not only is regular maintenance and upkeep time-consuming, it can also be expensive.

That's where JTS Property Management comes in! When you hire us, we will take care of all maintenance-related tasks for you. We will ensure that every small problem on your property is taken care of. This will prevent them from becoming larger, more costly issues down the road.

With our frequent property inspections, nothing will go unnoticed!

Our team is dedicated to providing consistent communication to all of your tenants. When one of your tenants has a maintenance request, we work quickly until it is dealt with! Our mission is to keep your tenants happy, ensuring they always feel at home and taken care of in your rental property.

5. Say goodbye to sorting paperwork.

Do you ever spend hours organizing paperwork, which leaves you confused and overwhelmed? Are you ever worried that important documents and records will get lost or forgotten?

At JTS Property Management, we know how to handle this!

We provide all of our clients with our dynamic online portal, where you can stay up-to-date on your rental properties at all times!

Our goal is to make your bookkeeping as convenient for you as possible, saving you time and energy to focus on the things that you love! We will send you monthly digital statements, detailing all the income and expenses of the month.


About JTS Property Management

Are you in search of an organized and professional property management company to help you succeed?

If so, look no further than JTS Property Management!

Since our launch in 2014, we have been maximizing the income of countless property owners in California and Idaho. With over 300 doors managed, we are confident that we can do the same for you.

Our personalized approach to business makes us unique, and we will always go above and beyond for you and your tenants.

So, if you're ready to make the most out of your rental properties, contact JTS Property Management today!