JTS Property Management Guarantees:


JTSPM guarantees the tenants we place. In the first 12 months of the tenancy we will
pay for the Eviction cost if a tenant we placed violates the lease in a manner that warrants an eviction: delinquent rent, excessive noise/damage or criminal behavior. This is a cost saving of $950.00 on average.


JTSPM guarantees that we will accept a security deposit to Lease your home within 21 days of the home being Rent Ready. If we do not accept a security deposit from a qualified applicant within 21 days of the property being rent ready we will credit you the first 2 months of Management Fees. Disclaimer: Initial marketed rent amount must be priced by Broker. Our average Lease Up time is under 14 days.


JTSPM is dedicated to practicing immense ethical accountability in the handling of your rental property. We are Better Business Bureau members (BBB) and we adhere to rigorous accounting practices utilizing state of the art software and trusted financial professionals to ensure we are always compliant with the State of California Department of Real Estate Commissioner guidelines.


JTSPM will guarantee that we are fully licensed in the State of California under the Department of Real Estate Commissioner to do business as a Licensed Agent for you. JTSPM is Insured in excess of the State Insurance Commissioner’s requirement and Guarantee all Bank Accounts are registered as Trust Fund Accounts as required by the Department of Real Estate.


JTSPM is committed to keeping you up to date on your rental property. We will routinely check in with you and communicate in any manner that you prefer: Voice, Text, Email, Zoom or in -person. Your online Owner Portal is a repository for all documents related to your rental property. We will also guarantee that you are responded to within 1 business day.


Safe and Functional Property Guarantee:

For the safety of our prospective residents, we require our homes to be safe and functional. All major systems and fixtures must be operational and be able to pass the mandatory Rental Housing Inspection Program check list. *Cared for properties appreciate in value and tend to retain high quality residents.

Communication Guarantee:

With larger maintenance repairs and tenant turnovers, we need our Owner clients to provide responses in a timely manner. Quick communication assures our tenants that we value them and ultimately saves you money with reduced vacancy times.

Homeowner’s Insurance Guarantee:

To hire JTSPM we need each Homeowner insurance policy to be updated to an Investment Property Policy naming JTS Property Management as Additional Insured or Entity of Interest. This change should be made immediately.