JTS Property Management's procedures when a Notice to Vacate is in Progress

1. With owner approval we audit the rental market and immediately begin marketing the Property as a Vacancy that is COMING SOON.

2. We immediately send all current occupants our detailed Move Out Instructions via email and we share it to their tenant portal.

3. We offer the Residents a Tanden Pre-Move Out Inspection which is to be scheduled 7-10 days prior to their final date of possession. This tandem inspection is to inform the vacating residents of any potential charges to their Security Deposit on file. This inspection is also utilized by your Property Manager to roughly evaluate any potential turn over repairs that will be required once the Resident vacates.

4. On the final date of possession, the Resident is to turn the keys into our main office to surrender possession of the Property to the Management company.

5. Day 1 of vacancy: Property is inspected and documented in detail using our Rental inspection software. This report is shared to the Property Owner along with a Punch List of needed repairs.

6. Day 2-9: Bids are received, approved and work is scheduled and completed.

7. Day 10-17: Invoices are received and broken out by the Property Manager to identify whether the Resident or
Property Owner is responsible for each specific maintenance item. Owner and Property Manager discuss specifics.

8. Day 18-20: Final Security Deposit Disposition is mailed and emailed to the previous Resident along with Funds (if a refund is in order).

Notes: JTS Property Management will be marketing, screening and showing your property to prospective tenants from the first day the Notice to Vacate is in Progress. These marketing efforts often allow us to qualify an approved applicant, show them the home, accept their Security Deposit and schedule their Move In within a matter of a few short days after the Residents vacate. Because of this, we may need to expedite our inspection and repair scheduling to ensure we minimize the amount of days your rental is vacant.

Security Deposit Disclaimer: California Law requires a written accounting and refund of Tenant paid deposit funds within 21 Days of the Resident vacating the Property. If the Property Owner holds the Security Deposit, we need to have those funds available by the date the Resident vacates. Penalty for failing to follow this may cost the Property Owner 3x the amount of the Security Deposit on File.

Repair Disclaimer: If the Property Owner prefers to handle the Turnover repairs, please immediately notify your property manager in writing so we may note the file and ensure you have access to the home as soon as the Resident vacates. Any charge of $125.00 or more to be levied against the Resident's Security Deposit must be accompanied by a written invoice.