Is your Roseville rental unit well-maintained? Are all the home systems functional? Have any damages been fixed? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, you might think that’s all it takes for potential tenants to come in droves. What if you still struggle in attracting renters?

Remember that no matter how attractive your property and outstanding its upkeep, you still need to conduct proper marketing. You need to brush up on your advertising skills so high exposure is reached. Then, prospective renters can arrange for property tours and you can select the best among the candidates.

Below are the best ways to advertise your Roseville rental home:

Focus On Producing Quality Shots

Many people can’t divert their eyes from exceptional images. That’s why showing appealing images of your Roseville rental space can attract more potential residents. Some landlords even hire professional photographers to ensure that the photos are high-definition, polished, and tastefully done.

When placing ads in property listings, make sure to use the best property pictures for people to consider your property as a new address of residence. Tenants seeking to rent always compare rentals against each other and will review each detail.

It’s best to present a flawless unit in your ads. You can achieve this by:

Staging and Setting up Your Rental

Tidy your unit and present a clutter-free environment. The rooms must look refreshing and comfortable.


Extend proper care towards your curb appeal. Your Roseville rental place must evoke a sense of pleasure and look inviting to the viewer. It should spark the desire to be a resident.

Maximize Good Lighting

Since the best photos are created with excellent lighting, try to use natural light as much as you can. It’s best to schedule shooting your Roseville rental property during the day. If the weather conditions are less than ideal, install the right lighting. Prioritize obtaining clarity so the photos look more appealing.

Photograph the Right Angles

Even if the lighting is exemplary, the images won’t look perfect if the right angles aren’t taken into account. Make your pictures more powerful by planning the best angles. Shoot from the right height so the images look natural.

Additional Notes When Shooting:

  • Have a photography shot list: This is handy to avoid forgetting essential areas to film. Write down all the main areas of your Roseville rental space, including its best features and amenities to highlight.
  • Use the best camera to get high resolution. You want details to be captured well. Sharp images are visually striking compared to low-quality shots where details can appear blurred.

Create an Engaging Copy

While pictures draw interest to your property ad, you still need a reason to keep up the interest of your viewers. This means writing exquisite property descriptions of your Roseville rental home. You can achieve this through effective storytelling. Match it with valuable SEO and you can start welcoming a wide pool of prospective tenants.


A copy is made up of two parts: the headline and the summary description. Focus on improving in these areas.

Formulating the Headline

Since the headline is the introductory statement in a copy, it’s important that it be attention grabbing. It must be complete with essential details. Using a formula for writing a headline for your Roseville rental property is recommended.

You can write this formula:

Rent Rate + Number of Bedrooms + Number of Bathrooms + Property Type + Locations + Best Property Feature

These are the essential items renters want to immediately know. They won’t waste their time scheduling a property visit if the rent rate is higher than their budget or the number of rooms is less than they need. They also want to be sure that the location is strategic.

Creating Summary Descriptions

Writing the summary is significant. You can craft a story and blend it well with your rental property pictures and headline.

To do this, you need to inspire the potential tenant to want to stay in your rental. Offer the best visuals and promote the excellent amenities of your Roseville rental home. Go the extra mile and advertise the neighborhood using words that have an emotional impact.

You can also conduct a pre-screening by mentioning your property policies and restrictions. If you don’t welcome pets, state it clearly.

Be specific when talking about your amenities, such as outdoor spaces, parking areas, recreation centers and parks in your neighborhood.


Specify the distance to transportation hubs and popular attractions. This saves you time when performing your official tenant screening.

Analyze for the Best Ad Distribution

Though your Roseville rental property photos and descriptions can take you far, you need to plan on how you’ll distribute your rental ads.

Narrow down the most popular property listing sites. Expand your marketing strategy and don’t rely on the online space alone. You can still draw more potential renters through traditional marketing techniques such as putting up yard signs.

If you put out a lot of ads, you can gain interested renters by other means. Consider handing out flyers, advertising in newspaper ads, informing your social network, and sharing by word-of-mouth.

Who’s your target market? The better you know them, the more you can come up with effective advertising strategies. If you plan to attract a young demographic, then chances are, they’re more tech-savvy and are more likely to use social media platforms when seeking rental spaces.

Track and Update Your Ads

Even when you’ve posted ads for your Roseville rental property, the work doesn’t stop there. Evaluate the response you’ve received. Is it lukewarm? If yes, change your marketing strategies.

Shuffle photos around to build new interest. You want your ad to stand out from your competitors. Boosting your rental ads is also worth considering as an investment to increase your exposure.

Bottom Line

Successfully advertising your rental home means focusing on producing dazzling photos, creating captivating copy, and working out the most strategic ad distribution.

If you require assistance in marketing your Roseville rental property, contact JTS Property Management today!