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Are you looking for a professional and knowledgeable property management company in El Dorado County, California, to manage your rental property? JTS Property Management is the most trusted quality service provider in the region!

For property management in El Dorado County, California, contact JTS Property Management. Our property management staff's local knowledge and industry training enable us to provide expert property management services that satisfy the needs of owners with single-family homes, apartment buildings, and rentals with multiple units.

From our experience, we know the difficulties property owners face. Our outstanding property management team puts a special emphasis on compassion and trust to alleviate any stress associated with property ownership.

Our property managers are committed to giving our clients outstanding service. Each team member is certified, skilled, and experienced to handle the requirements of your investment property.

JTS Property Management provides owners and occupants with the best possible property management services by being friendly, competent, and trustworthy. We will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure that your needs and the needs of your tenants are met.

Your property is in the best hands possible when you choose us as your property management partner. You can count on JTS Property Management to handle all aspects of the property's operations, including maintenance, financial reporting, precise filing and documentation, and more.

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Our Property Management Services

JTS Property Management offers various management services to meet its client's needs. We can help with property marketing, screening tenants, rent collection, inspections and maintenance and so much more.

Below are some of the management services we provide to real estate owners:

Maintaining and Inspecting Rentals

There are three benefits to property maintenance. One benefit is that it always keeps your property in excellent condition. Another is assured compliance with rental laws which mandate that a property should adhere to all health, safety, and building requirements.

Last but not least, a well-kept property keeps a tenant content. Happy tenants are more likely to maintain the property, let you know if there are any problems, and renew their leases giving you steady rent collection.

Our property management business ensures that clients' properties are routinely maintained. Additionally, we have been successful in building strong bonds with maintenance specialists whom we hand-selected for their dependability and professionalism.

Screening Tenants

In order to thoroughly complete a tenant screening one needs a background in the rental market and training. With a thorough tenant screening option, we ensure that you find quality tenants.

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Over the years, JTS Property Management has developed an exceptional management services to evaulate teants. After receiving an application from prospective tenants, we conduct extensive screening looking at employment, income, social security, credit history, and rental history verification. What’s more, our tenant screening method complies with the Fair Housing Laws' anti-discrimination rules.

This method ensures that you land tenants that are prompt with rent collection, reasonably maintain their rentals, and comply with the terms of the lease agreement.

Financial Reporting

We know how important financial reporting is to property owners so we regularly update the property's finance reports and rental rates and keep track of marketing and upkeep expenses.

Our dedicated accounting staff oversees all financial aspects of your property. These include accounts payable reports, general ledgers, monthly income and expense statements, balance sheets, and copies of monthly bank statements.

We know how time-consuming and difficult bookkeeping may be for a landlord. In order to keep you informed, your property manager will take care of the accounting for the properties and deliver frequent financial reports.

Advertising & Marketing the Property

Every landlord desires to have all of their rentals fully occupied. But how can you expect that if you don't effectively market the vacant spaces in your building? A marketing strategy must be put in place to raise awareness of the property's availability to the current tenant pool.

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Before placing the property on the market, our property management company will ensure it is in good shape for renting out. We use professional photographs to showcase your home's best qualities and promote it on various listing websites.

To protect your safety and compliance, we also ensure all adverts always comply with fair housing regulations. Additionally, we will conduct rental tours and return calls from potential tenants to answer any queries they might have.

Establishing a Lease Agreement

From our experience managing property in CA, we recommend that each landlord have a detailed lease agreement in place. A lease agreement details the rights and responsibilities that each party owes the other in a landlord-tenant relationship.

There are no two properties whose needs are the same, therefore, using a generic lease agreement just won’t cut it. With the help of a good property management company like us each agreement will be specifically tailored to your property.

We will advise on which policies you can add to the lease agreement to make it more attractive to renters in the long term and protect your rentals.

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Living in El Dorado County, CA

Previously considered a rural area, El Dorado County has seen steady development over the years. It’s now known as an ideal area to live in, offering the suburban experience that many households and individuals crave.

The weather in the county is known to be splendid all year long, especially when you compare it to the chilly weather of the north. Even during the winter months, you should only expect some rain.

Another positive attribute is the quality of schools in the area. Families and young couples moving here can rest easy knowing that their children will receive a comprehensive education.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

In addition to El Dorado County, we work with property owners in the following areas: Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Placer County, Serrano, Gold River, Rocklin, and Folsom.

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