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If you own an investment property and are looking to hire a professional property manager in El Dorado Hills, CA, look no further than JTS Property Management! We provide all the El Dorado Hills property management services that you need to optimize your rental business.

JTS Property Management is dedicated to providing professional rental property management services. Our goal is to deliver excellent returns while minimizing the stress and headaches our clients usually encounter when they manage their properties on their own. We will keep your property managed in the way you want it to be with our extensive experience with real estate services in El Dorado county.

Our innovative property management business model, along with the experience of our team of experts, has helped us become the industry leader in rental El Dorado Hills property management.

We understand that self-managing rental properties can be difficult, which is why we, as a repsected property manager, provide helpful services and offer the right solutions to every rental-related issue. We treat all properties like they're our own. Property owners working with us sleep well at night knowing that their El Dorado Hills investment is in good hands, generating the maximum possible profits.

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Our Property Management Services

As a professional property management company, we prioritize providing high-quality customer services to keep our property owners happy, satisfied, and successful. We integrate management disciplines into our values, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best results to encourage strong business growth.

Learn more about the expert El Dorado Hills property management services we offer below.

Marketing Your Rental Property

At JTS Property Management, we take vacancies in our rental properties very seriously. We know that your occupancy rate is a big factor in the profitability of your investment, so we make sure that your property is occupied by highly-qualified, long-term tenants.

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To fill up vacancies in your El Dorado Hills investment, we have the knowledge on extensive marketing strategies to introduce your property to a large pool of prospective renters. We incorporate professional photography in our marketing materials because we believe in making a great first impression. With professional photos, we can bring attention to your rental home’s best features, which is a key factor in attracting good prospective tenants.

Plus, we use both traditional and digital marketing techniques so we can reach a wider audience in the rental market. This way, we’ll be able to select the best quality renters for your investment to keep your pay consistent.

Tenant Screening Process

We understand how important it is for property owners to accept only quality tenants. Many landlords give up on investing because they have to manage bad tenants, and this causes them too many headaches and huge problems that lead to financial losses.

To resolve these issues, we conduct thorough tenant screening services to ensure that we thoroughly review the applications of all prospective tenants before we let anyone sign the lease. Unlike other property management companies, our tenant screening process guarantees we'll find the best tenant for your unit.

When you work with us, you won’t have to worry about dealing with problematic tenants. We can assure you that we will only accept tenants who can pay on time. Once we conduct extensive screening of their rental history, we will only choose tenants who will respect your property like it’s their own home.

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Rent Collection

Is collecting rent one of your biggest pet peeves in owning and managing your investment? As your property manager, we have the knowledge to manage payment collections for you, so you don’t have to chase down late payments ever again. We know how crucial timely and regular rent is to landlords, and that’s why we follow a strict procedure when it comes to rent collection.

Several preemptive measures are taken so that you get your payments on schedule. First, we include all stipulations regarding rent collection, when it is due, and the consequences if they are not paid on time in our lease agreements. We make sure that tenants understand these clearly before they sign the lease.

Secondly, your tenants will have access to our property management software that notifies them when their money is due and if they owe a balance to you. Tenants can utilize this software to make rent payments. The software is free, secure, and safe to use.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

As your El Dorado Hills property managers, JTS Property Management is dedicated to the maintenance your real estate asset. As part of our commitment to keeping your property in its best condition, we have invested in technologically advanced and innovative software to document, coordinate, and track the property's condition and all property maintenance issues in a timely manner to keep every tenant happy.

We prioritize preventive maintenance to reduce your costs. With our extensive expericne in regular inspections, we ensure that your rental home remains in top condition. Plus, routine inspections can help us spot issues early on, so we can provide resolution and maintenance before problems are too expensive to repair.

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Since we aim to build positive, long-term relationships with each tenant, we make it our duty to respond to their concerns as soon as possible. We employ trusted contractors who are always willing to assist in determining the causes of maintenance problems.

Any repair that is necessary due to tenant neglect or abuse to the investment properties will be written in a report so the landlord can charge the cost to the tenants whenever necessary. We will also handle emergency services so you don't have to.

Detailed Financial Reporting

The amount of paperwork involved in an El Dorado Hills real estate, rental property ownership, and managing rentals can be quite overwhelming. We understand that as a landlord, you have to deal with many record-keeping and bookkeeping tasks, which can be time-consuming and laborious.

We help make keeping track of your finances simple for you as part of our real estate services. California property owners can access our online portal so you can check all of your important financial statements and updates. You will also receive detailed digital monthly statements, as well as your income and cost reports. Thanks to this online portal, you'll have an easier time managing your El Dorado Hills investment property.

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About El Dorado Hills, CA

El Dorado Hills is a town in El Dorado County, California. It is home to more than 50,000 people. It has a thriving economy and tourism industry. It is known for its world-class wineries, and tourists love to visit it for wine-tasting.

Among the known attractions in El Dorado Hills include the following:

  • Folsom Lake
  • Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
  • Kalithea Park
  • South Fork American River Trail

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

In addition to El Dorado Hills property management, we offer our property management services in Granite Bay, Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Placer County, El Dorado County, Serrano, Lincoln, Gold River, Rocklin, and Folsom.

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